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Woodland Trust Dedications A wedding, birth or loss of a loved one

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions page

How do I dedicate on-line? back

There are 2 ways to dedicate woodland online. You can either dedicate

- On the online shop with a single donation by just choosing the type of dedication you are interested in (quarter of an acre etc.), and then click on the 'Order now' button to show - region by region - all the woods where that dedication is available. Then follow the step by step guide on screen.


through a group fund (via the 'Group funds' button or visiting dedicatetrees.com). Group funds enable a number of people to work together and contribute to a central fund, allowing an event - like a wedding or a funeral for example - to be marked in a more significant way. Just click on the 'Group fund' button and follow the step by step instructions on-screen. Once your fund has closed and you know the type of dedication it has achieved, you can choose the wood you would like from numerous woods around the country.

How do I choose the wood I want my dedication to be in? back

Woodland dedications are available in many of our woods but because every wood is unique, not all dedications are available in all woods offered for woodland dedications. So first you need to decide what type of dedication you want. Once you have clicked on the dedication you are interested in you will be shown - region by region - all the woods where this dedication is available. If you prefer to dedicate via a group funds, you choose the wood once all the donations have been added up and the fund has closed so you know what dedication the fund has achieved.

Please note that on very rare occasions woods may suddenly become unavailable for dedication. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If this affects your choice, we will inform you as soon as possible and help you select a substitute wood.

Can I dedicate single trees? back

Yes, the Woodland Trust offers a specific scheme for dedicating single trees in numerous woodland sites around the UK. Please click here to find out more

If I order a quarter acre dedication, how will I know which trees are part of the dedication? back

The map you receive with your fulfilment pack will show the dedicated area.

Can I choose the type of tree? back

It is not possible to be specific with regard to the species of tree dedicated for you. Our woods contain a wide variety of native broadleaf trees and with your certificate you will receive a wood information sheet for the selected wood that will detail some of the species planted.

If I dedicate an area of woodland, can I plant trees, or have trees planted in it? back

The woods we use for dedication purposes are already planted; indeed most of them are mature and we would be reluctant to plant more trees partly because we would be unable to nurture them in the first vital three years. Also, spaces left in woods are usually left on purpose to provide meadows and grassy rides for both people and wildlife to enjoy. Wild spaces are sometimes left so that the wood can regenerate naturally.

When will you plant my trees? back

The trees are already growing. Dedications are made in both young and old woods but majority of the woods available have trees aged from 10 years on.

Can we let friends and family know about our fund? back

Yes, once you have set up your fund you can either e-mail the details to them, or print our leaflets to hand to them.

If our fund does not reach £250 are there other dedication schemes that we can use? back

Yes, a suggested donation of £15 allows us to dedicate a single tree.

Are we able to top up the fund ourselves? back

Yes, once the fund has been created you can manage your fund online and also make a personal donation to 'top up' your own fund.

If we do not want to dedicate an area of woodland where will our fund be used? back

If you do not wish to dedicate an area of trees we can arrange for the fund to go to our core funds. This means it will be used where the need is greatest. Alternatively you can ask that the fund be used for the care and maintenance of a nominated woodland.

Is the Woodland Trust able to claim gift aid on donations? back

Yes, when your friends and family donate they will be asked if they are willing to gift aid their donation. This enables us to reclaim the tax on the donation, increasing it by 25% (providing the donor has paid sufficient UK income/capital gains tax to cover this amount).

Do we have to manage the fund online? back

No, we appreciate that not everybody likes to use the internet in this way. The website is offered for convenience and to save paper but you can dedicate woodland by post and phone.

If you wish to set up a fund but don't want it online please call our free phone number 0330 333 3300 and we can arrange to set up your fund as offline.

If I buy a bench, or have one made for me, can I put it in one of your woods? back

The Trust already offers a small range of benches in carefully selected woods at a price aimed to reflect the cost of both the bench and its installation, looking after the bench and the surrounding acre for the future, and of maintaining the pathway/s leading to it. For this reason, and on safety grounds, we are usually unable to accept offers of benches or other furniture. As a conservation organisation our primary aim is to create new woodland and manage our existing woodland. In order to keep our woods as natural as possible we have to restrict the numbers of benches and grove posts, and at the same time raise funds to help us look after them and to achieve our core aims.

Does the Woodland Trust offer woodland burials? back

The Woodland Trust does not offer a woodland burial scheme. For details of local councils and other organisations that operate such schemes, you may wish to contact the Natural Death Centre which has a complete and regularly updated list of around 200 schemes available in the UK:

The Natural Death Centre12a Blackstock MewsBlackstock RoadLondonN4 2BTTel: 0871 288 2098Email:

Otherwise, please contact your local authority direct.

Do you allow ashes to be scattered in your woods? back

We are grateful that people would like to respect their loved ones wishes by scattering their ashes within a woodland setting, and choose a Woodland Trust wood to carry out their wishes.

As the UK's leading conservation organisation, our priority is to protect and enhance woodland habitats. The Woodland Trust owns more than 1,000 sites across the UK, covering in excess of 23,000 hectares including more than 200 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Many of our woods are home to rare and vulnerable species, and as such, each wood has to be managed on a site by site basis, requiring a sensitive approach. Scattering ashes can upset the delicate balance of woodland ecosystems and be damaging to sensitive species. Therefore we politely ask people to refrain from scattering ashes in our woods. There are other ways to remember a loved one at our woods. We offer a range of personalised, lasting tributes through our Dedicate A tree and Woodland Dedication options. If you would like to discuss a dedication in memory of a friend or family member, then please do feel free to contact us.

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