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Rob Holdstock Memorial Fund

Rob Holdstock Memorial Fund

Donations are invited in memory of Robert Holdstock, whose premature death is keenly felt by many.

In his classic award-winning novel Mythago Wood, Rob envisaged a stretch of primeval woodland in 20th century England inhabited by mythic archetypes from ancient times. Rob's evocations of the natural landscapes of the British Isles in his novels has inspired readers worldwide.

To dedicate some woodland would be a fitting tribute to a talented and much-loved writer.

Closing Date
15 / 5 / 2010
Donations Total


NameAmount £
Kev Place20.00
Bromley Symphony Players392.00
Paula Murphy20.00
Nigel Nunn50.00
Jacks and Malcolm200.00
Steve Carey and Caroline Watkins50.00
OwlMoon masks20.00
Caroline Oakley50.00
B Battley20.00
Nicky Pritchett-Brown400.00
K Barton25.00
Mr & Mrs G D Kilworth50.00
Family and Friends at the Funeral Service350.00
R M Lamming100.00
Paul Eaglen5.00
Kathleen Holdstock200.00
Pat Charnock80.00
Annabel Gallop25.00
Tanya Brown25.00
Ann Mills25.00
Andrew Condon50.00
Philippe Gindre50.00
David & Hazel Langford100.00
David Redd30.00
Friends and colleagues at the British Library108.00
Joseph Nicholas50.00
Sue Winter10.00
Anna Ferris20.00
Anna Quillin25.00
Pete, Trish, Kevin, Kelly & Ben Holdstock50.00
Sherif Mehmet30.00
David Gullen25.00
Doran Harding25.00
Mark Valentine20.00
Charlie Withington50.00
Susan Oudot Wingrove50.00
Julie Mitchell30.00
Abner Stein50.00
Glendon Wesley50.00
David Cowperthwaite10.00
chip sullivan25.00
Zach Robinson20.00
Maura McHugh50.00
Paul McAuley50.00
Libby Percival30.00
Georgina Hawtrey-Woore30.00
Mark Patrick Lynch15.00
Patrick Gyger50.00
Suzi Baker50.00
Matthew Waller50.00
Richard Coad20.00
Chantal Delessert50.00
Tamara Cartwright-Loebl50.00
Rob Jackson20.00

This fund is now closed.

Open fund

More and more people are choosing to dedicate trees, the special gift that goes on growing, thus ensuring our woodlands are there for future generations to enjoy.

If you are interested in the work of the Woodland Trust, please visit our main website.

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